2013 at a Glimpse

It has been slowly paced since the development of V0.4 and we’ve came across several major obstacles. One of them being Hurricane Sandy, which stopped development for almost a month. All of our behind the scenes builds are tested on US based servers.

As for plugins, YouTube has been recently updated their interface. We recently finished patching our own source code. Everything seems to be working smoothly in this area.

We hope to continue development over the new year. Thanks for being patient with us.

Beta V0.4: Behind the scenes

Got a suggestion for Beta V0.4? Leave a comment below.

The developers are here to present some of the changes that will occur in our newest revision, releasing to the public very soon.

- YouTube Fixed with: 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p and ID blocking. You can block certain videos if you feel the need to
- Dailymotion
- 18+ plugin, not for minors. Spoiler: xHamster
- Global configuration for streaming so you can change the “video limit warming” for all streaming sites. Setting for individual sites is not an option

Main page:
- Faster loading times. Excludes newer features
- Flags to represent the country the proxy is in, useful for proxy lists
- Know whether proxy webmasters are logging what you visit. Useful if another has hijacked the Admin Module using the default authentication details. The developers believe in a transparent browsing experience

Image shown does not include country flags

- Forms now work correctly in IE, you no longer have to submit the form twice
- CSS updates

Admin Module:
- User page renamed to Auth to better describe the page contents
- Merged the Google tab with the theme tab
- New logging tab. Easily download your logs from the Admin Module up to 21 days
- Logs are now recorded by date to ease proxy webmasters who choose to log their users instead of the single “proxy.log” file

Proxy form:
- Condensed proxy form for more browsing room. Condensed options to more simple terms: “No Scripts”, “Cookies”, “Images”, “Referer”, “Rotate13″, “Base64″, “Strip Meta”, “Strip Title”, “Session Cookies”

- Fixes to installer
- Updates to settings file

Proxy backend:

Please note that this build is not released but we will keep you posted. Be prepared to install a fresh build as we have modified all the files :)

V0.3: Re-design, user friendly

The proxy and admin module have been re-designed to become more user friendly
YouTube plugin has been removed because it became broken (Rename to enable, but buggy)

Newer features:
Security ratings to help protect unauthorized access to your admin module
Password strength meter to evaluate for strong passwords
Homepage descriptions with optional text to image creation for extra security (Requires php5-gd)

Install our latest version, and get your proxy listed on Proxy Help for free for increased traffic
Submit your suggestions, bugs, and fixes to our support forum or Google Code

Download from Google Code:

Beta V0.3: Plugins and YouTube works

I finally got YouTube working, with thanks to Bennett @ peacefire.org
It also includes fixed plugins, which can be developed for any website
Current features in the YouTube plugin:

FLV download
Buffer time
Title change

This can be found in /plugins/youtube.settings.php

Download from Google Code:


Version 0.2 Final

As i was working on making YouTube work i found that in the last version of this script that I had distributed a pre-installed version of the script, this made the script exploitable as every one had the same keys.

If you wear ruining DEV Rev 2 it is please update now, as I have fixed this, if you have made changes to the script and do not want to update simply change your key in settings.php to something random.